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Thanks for visiting Sunnybrook Farm!

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Thanks for visiting. We look forward to meeting new customers and sharing good food.

Farm Needs

This is our ongoing list of farm needs – a different list than our “farm dream items”, which we haven’t made yet. Everything on here is high priority for us. If you’re a customer we’re open to trade or maybe you know someone who has these items and wants to let them go.

If you’re a wedding guest and curious about our farm needs because you’re considering giving a monetary gift, here they are. You can give the gift online through paypal if you’d like. There are directions here about paypal. Or, if you happen to have any of these items, you could just give them to us! Thank you all for your generosity and good wishes! We are blessed.

  • A long-handled, lighweight scythe
  • Metal roofing (aluminum or steel)
  • All metal electric fencing materials (not the polywire)
  • Solar fence charger (6-joule or more)
  • Commercial stainless steel sink
  • Stainless steel counter or cart
  • Clear corrugated plastic roofing for greenhouses
  • Metal hoops for greenhouses
  • Lumber!
  • Thanks for the Vita-mix, Kathy

Organic Certification

Sunnybrook Farm isn’t fully certified organic and here’s why.

First of all, we love organic farms and organic farming. We want the animals and crops we raise to be healthy: with plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and exercise (though we have yet to see a potato frolicking in the field). Our goal is to raise food that’s normal, natural and real. Food that’s better for plants, the earth, animals, young people, old people and everyone in between. We always look for pesticide free or Certified Organic hay, grain, soil amendments, seed, et c, and we try to get these things locally, either on our farm or our neighbor’s.

The farmland at Sunnybrook was maintained as Certified Organic up until 2009. It would be quite easy for us to become certified. So why haven’t we? These are our reasons:

  • The standards for Organic are too low. The USDA decides what is and is not organic. The list of “Organic” chemicals is hundreds of items long and grows longer as large companies lobby to make organic certification more convenient for them.
  • The word “organic” is now owned by the USDA. As small farmers we should be able to use this word to describe our practices, but we can’t unless we pay the fee.
  • It costs money. Although the yearly fee is fairly minimal for us, it’s the principle of having to pay when we are trying to farm in a truly natural way; a way that is better for people, animals and the earth. Spraying chemicals is free, but we have to pay if we want to farm the way it’s been done for thousands of years.

The best way to be assured that your food is being grown responsibly and up to your standards is to develop a relationship with the farmer. That’s what we do when we buy products from other farmers and that’s what we encourage our customers to do. The customer/farmer relationship is priceless and cannot be replaced by a nationwide sticker that says certified organic. We look forward to getting to know the people who eat food in our area and sharing the exciting process of growing and eating food.

What do you think about organic certification? We’d love to hear your thoughts.